Resources for remote teaching


In response to the current public health situation I'm assembling resources for online teaching for the uninitiated (like me). This is a somewhat random collection of items that may be useful.


General resource pages from a few universities (offering general infos on remote teaching next to university-specific infos):

  • Duke University: link
  • Harvard University: link
  • Michigan State University: link
  • Universität Bielefeld: link
  • Universiteit Leiden: link
  • University of Chicago: link
  • University of Maryland: link


  • DePaul University: iddblog on reducing bandwidth consumption in online teaching
  • Chronicle of Higher Education: 'How to be a better online teacher', here


Specific for Germany, but also with general infos (in German):

  • Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (BMBF, Hochschulrektorenkonferenz, CHE, Stifterverband).
  • Hochchulforum Digitalisierung (2015): Rechtsfragen zu digitalen Lehrformaten - pdf.

Infograph by Alison Yang.