About me

I am a philosopher of science and conceptual theoretical biologist working on conceptual questions in and about the life sciences. Officially I am Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology at Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany. For more on my current positions and academic background, see my academic bio.


I am from The Hague on the Dutch North Sea coast. I was educated at Aloysius College and Leiden University, and I am an alumnus of L.V.V.S. Augustinus in Leiden. I divide my time between East Lansing, Michigan, and Hannover, Germany. But: Zoo ik ièts ben, ben ik een Hagenaar.


(Banner picture: sunrise over Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, seen from Lost Peninsula, Toledo, Ohio; smaller picture: Capital City River Run 5k, 2022, Lansing, Michigan.)


about The hannover philosophy of the life sciences group

At my university I run a small group working in the philosophy of the life sciences. It currently consists of the following people:

  • Hugh Desmond (postdoc in the Templeton project Agency and Agential Explanation in the Evolutionary Sciences).
  • Martina Valković (PhD student in the DFG-ANR project The Explanatory Scope of Generalized Darwinism).
  • Ina Gawel (PhD student funded by DFG GRK 2073).
  • Martin Wasmer (PhD student in the BMBF project The Ontological Status of Genome Edited Organisms).
  • Frank M. Fischer (PhD student, not on project funding). 


  • Karim Baraghith (postdoc in the DFG-ANR project The Explanatory Scope of Generalized Darwinism).
  • Koko Kwisda (PhD student, not on project funding). Dissertation: Ethical and Regulatory Aspects Regarding Xenotransplantation (second supervisor). PhD in Natural Sciences completed 2023.
  • Celso Neto (former PhD student, not on project funding). Dissertation: Biological Lineages in Philosophical Focus. Celso started his PhD in Hannover, moved to finish his PhD at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Marc Ereshefsky (and me as a committee member) PhD in Philosophy completed 2020.
  • Stefano Canali (former PhD student funded by DFG GRK 2073). Dissertation: The Role of Data and Technology in Contemporary Biomedicine: Integrating Evidence to Study the Relation Between Disease and the Environment (co-supervised with Sabina Leonelli). PhD in Philosophy completed 2019.



Institute of Philosophy

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Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences (CELLS)

Leibniz Universität Hannover

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30159 Hannover, Germany

Email: thomas [dot] reydon [at] cells [dot] uni-hannover.de


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