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Note: I tend not to put penultimate versions of papers online (because of the minor changes to the text that usually occur during copyediting), but of course I'm happy to share my work. For pdfs of final, published versions of papers, please drop me an email.


➼  Articles & chapters (peer-reviewed unless indicated as [Invited] or [Not refereed]):

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  18. Kirschning, A. & Reydon, T.A.C. (2015): ‘Is organic chemistry science – and does this ques-tion make any sense at all?’, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 11: 893-896, open access at [Not refereed] [Available online here; also published in Beilstein Magazine, see here.]
  19. Reydon, T.A.C. (2015): ‘The evolution of human nature and its implications for politics: A critique’, Journal of Bioeconomics 17: 17-36.  ➤  See here for a discussion of this paper by Larry Arnhart.
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➼  Encyclopedia article:
  • Reydon, T.A.C. (2012): ‘Philosophy of technology’, in: Fieser, J. & Dowden, B. (Eds): Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, peer-reviewed online publication, see here.
➼  Book reviews & conference reports:
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➼  Public engagement:
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